Oxycodone Detox near Boston

Oxycodone is a drug legitimately prescribed to alleviate severe, chronic pain that demands treatment. It is a semi-synthetic opioid drug derived in part from the poppy flower plant. Oxycodone is addictive and associated with misuse and psychological dependency. Prolonged use of Oxycodone ultimately produces brain changes that prevent a person from quitting use on their own if they can even identify they are abusing the drug.

Millbury Sunrise Detox offers a detox program for Oxycodone by first flushing out the drug’s metabolites from the body under a supervised, medically approved protocol to ease withdrawal symptoms. In addition, because Oxycodone tends to develop a psychological necessity for the drug, therapy, and counseling are necessary, even while a person is detoxing from Oxycodone addiction. The combination of detox and treatment is the recommended method for someone who wants to be rid of Oxycodone addiction and start on a path of full recovery. Even after completing an Oxycodone detox, counseling is recommended.

A severe addiction to Oxycodone causes highly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Millbury Sunrise Detox is fully equipped to administer Oxycodone medical detox, where a patient is monitored throughout the detox process that deals with the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawals that can range from mild to harsh and may include a combination of fever, stomach cramps, high blood pressure, irritability and agitation, anxiety, nausea, elevated heart rate, restlessness, dehydration, and aspiration. Detoxing from Oxycodone presents fewer risks and complications than detoxing from some other substances; however, the medically supervised detox facilities at the Millbury Sunrise Detox offer our patients a more comfortable process while monitoring any withdrawal complication risks that may come up.

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