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Detoxing With Depression And Addiction Near Boston

Depression is a known core cause of substance use disorders, and this co-occurring condition needs to be treated during detox. If you’re set to confront your addiction directly but feel held back by depression, Sunrise is here to help. Our detox facility supports adults with depression and addiction in Boston. Whenever you’re ready to make the initial step to a substance-free life, call us at 508-506-8940.

We Know About The Bond Between Substance Use And Depression

The process of finding an effective treatment for depression poses many obstacles, so it’s not surprising if you cope with dependency-causing drugs or alcohol. Sadly, relying on these substances may plunge you into a devastating pattern of self-medication. As the blissful effect of drugs or alcohol wears off, you’re in a worse place than before and are driven to self-medicate again to feel better. This depression/addiction pattern rapidly becomes uncontrollable and takes charge of your life.

Sunrise Detox Millbury will help you effectively detox from drugs or alcohol. We understand the connection between depression and substance addiction and will address both together at our inpatient treatment center. We supply a safe setting for you to detox and make the first step towards substance use recovery. Reach out to us at 508-506-8940 at any hour to see how we’ll help you detox safely and care for your mental health.

Our Treatment For Depression And Addiction Near Boston

The opening step in overcoming alcohol or drug use disorders is detoxing from these substances. Detoxing on your own can be unsafe and should be completed under licensed medical guidance. Co-occurring disorders like depression create an extra hurdle. Sunrise Detox Millbury supplies skilled medical detox treatment that will care for both depression and addiction near Boston.

Timing is crucial when you start detoxing, so we work fast to admit you. When you get here, you will be given an assessment to shed light on your alcohol or drug use, your medical history, and your present state. If you have a depression diagnosis, we should know so we may help you mitigate those symptoms while detoxing.

Medical Support During Detox

All patients receive a personal plan of treatment, including how to handle your withdrawal symptoms and any co-occurring mental disorders. Our medical staff will minimize withdrawal symptoms through proper doses of proven effective medications. If you are taking antidepressants, we’ll ensure you continue to receive your prescribed medication. We take core vital signs regularly to keep you safe until you have fully detoxed and recovered your strength.

Mental Health Treatment During Detox

Since depression is a common co-occurring disorder with substance use disorders, we aim to ensure your mental health is supported at Sunrise Detox. You are able to go to therapy and peer support groups here when you feel up to it. We offer:

  • One-on-one therapy: work in private with a licensed therapist to unpack the origins of your depression and addiction.
  • Group therapy: gain perspective by sharing and listening to fellow patients.
  • Peer support groups: converse with experienced volunteers who have advanced through their own recovery and wish to support you with yours.
  • Aftercare Plans: find the upcoming steps of your recovery, including the treatment of depression and substance use.

This supplemental support helps you deal with detox and begin to take charge of your mental health.

Why Choose Sunrise Detox Millbury For Inpatient Detox Services?

We take steps to make detox as relaxed as we can for you and address mental health at the same time. We feel helping you complete this initial step in a judgment-free, compassionate manner will set you up for ongoing success on your way to recovery.

To put your best foot forward, we supply professional care in a pleasant setting where you’ll get

  • Safe, scientifically sound medical care for withdrawal
  • Attention from on-site staff 24/7
  • Tracking of vital signs every 2-4 hours
  • Voluntary mental health therapy
  • Plenty of time for breaks and rest
  • Space far from triggers for drug and alcohol use
  • A fully furnished room with attached bath
  • Nutritious, chef-made meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Relaxation time in a community lounge
  • Absolute patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Assistance with questions regarding insurance and billing

Get Help For Depression And Addiction Near Boston Today

Don’t delay if you need assistance detoxing while dealing with depression. Sunrise is here to guide you. Call 508-506-8940 or complete the following contact form for immediate help. A member of our team will answer quickly, regardless of the time or day. We’re prepared to assist you now.