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Sunrise Detox FAQs For Boston

Sunrise Detox Millbury is a residential alcohol and drug detox facility. Our medically guided inpatient detox treatments are an important start of your substance use recovery. You have the opportunity to find out more about our detox facility and policies in our drug and alcohol detox FAQs for Boston. And if you need more information, contact us day or night for immediate answers. We are standing by to help you.

Sunrise Detox Millbury offers medically supervised detox from alcohol and drugs. That means you become a resident of our residential facility while our team watches over you 24/7. They closely track your condition and provide medication to avert hazardous withdrawal symptoms and control any distress.
We also provide peer support and group therapy so you may find what prompts your substance use and we collaborate with you to create an aftercare strategy to help you build enduring sobriety after detox.
Sunrise Detox works with those 18+.
Sunrise Detox Millbury strives to make our residential accommodations as comfortable as possible. You’ll reside in one of our tasteful, completely furnished rooms with your own bathroom and a television. This room is shared with no more than one other person. Private accomodations are available per special request. Individual and group therapy is held within a peaceful surrounding. When you are able, you can use the television or take time for a game in our community areas or step out to the open-air patio. We also offer chef-made food throughout the day.
Pack like you might for a week-long trip. Although we provide many necessities, you ought to have things like:
  • Clothes
  • Personal toiletries
  • Hair care items
  • Your own music player
  • Reading materials
  • Prescription medications
  • Cash in case you want to use the vending machine
Yes, you are allowed to pack your cell phone. But keep in mind, we will keep it in a safe place once you are admitted. When you need to see your communications or respond to an urgent call, you can ask a staff member for your phone or to place a call with our patient phone booth.
We permit women’s and men’s razors, but our staff will keep them for you.Just consult with a staff member to check it out.
We appreciate the crucial support animals give and can accommodate them. We simply ask that you inform admissions beforehand if you are bringing a support or service animal. You will need to show signed and authorized certification for your animal upon arrival.
Your safety is our chief concern. If you are unable to find a member of your family or friend who is able to take you to our Boston location, we are glad to arrange a lift from your address or the airport. Reach out to us at any hour to ask how we can get you here.
During admissions, we will give you a comprehensive medical evaluation to to find out what kinds of substances are in your body and how you can safely start treatment. You’ll complete required paperwork for who to call during emergencies and family member information. Then we will take away any restricted items in your luggage before getting you settled into your room.
We realize how significant your loved ones’ support is over the course of your substance use recovery. However, our treatments work best if you are able to get away from external forces to concentrate on the challenge of detox and recuperation. For this reason, we do not allow family visits. But, you are able to chat with loved ones over our patient phone. We are also able to keep your family and emergency contact up-to-date on your condition.
Your privacy is an essential aspect of our care. To act in accordance with federal regulations, we maintain the confidentiality of your personal records. We are required to not disclose to any outside party that you are at our facility, and we will not divulge any documentation labeling you as receiving care for a substance use disorder unless you provide written consent. We will give you a printout of our confidentiality policy when you are admitted.
We personalize your medical treatment to your needs based on your medical evaluation and the types of substances you have in your system. Our clinicians are proficient at timing treatment to steer clear of harmful side effects. They can also aid you in organizing your prescribed medication and provide supplemental medicine to mitigate withdrawal symptoms as necessary.
We are pleased to take a multitude of insurance coverages. When you call to request a place at our detox center, we will ask for your insurance information and validate it with your provider. We can’t take Medicare/Medicaid presently.
Yes, we can still admit you if you don’t have healthcare coverage. At the admissions phase, we’ll be pleased to explore acceptable self-pay possibilities.
We won’t discharge you without a strategy for additional care established. Our goal is to get you stabilized with detox and ready to start ongoing recovery treatments as you work towards long-term sobriety. Prior to your departure, we are able to help you join a residential rehab facility or any outpatient services.

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