Sunrise Detox in the Community

Inside the doors, we help individuals and their families.

Sunrise Detox is known for the "Detox with Dignity" program, which is significantly different than other options available to the public. From years of experience helping tens of thousands of individuals and their families, we know that a safe, comfortable, and dignified detox from drugs or alcohol is the absolute best way to start a successful recovery.

Outside the doors, we also want to help the community and its caretakers.

For the same reasons, the people of Sunrise Detox actively pursue opportunities to give back to the community. By engaging with leaders, advocates, business owners, workers and residents, Sunrise Detox has a positive impact on the local society that supports resident individuals, employees, and familes, in ways that can help reduce the need for addiction treatment services in Massachusetts and lower New England. 

Please watch our video about substance abuse treatment near Worcester, MA