An Important Reminder: "It Gets Better"

Sometimes the first step of recovery is creating a new life that is actually worth living. 

Is there hope for me? Why bother trying to help me at all? Isn't it just a waste of time?

What if a person believes their life on drugs is actually better than living sober? As a first-stage addiction treatment provider, we encounter this attitude every single day.

Faced with the idea of returning to life without the old friends, drugs, alcohol, and the addict life, many will proclaim they'd rather be dead than live sober. They want help out of their current life-threatening situation, but they also want to return to using drugs. This is because... they claim... their life is better with drugs, than without.

So we've learned.. the second step of a successful recovery (after detox), is helping to create a new life that is considered worth living. Priority number 1 after detox. And it works.

Witness how it is possible to create a new life after serious addiction, by listening to individuals who have done just that. They want you to know, that even when it seems hopeless, if you accept the help and commit to the treatment plan, It Gets Better.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned to this space for details of upcoming events.

PAST EVENTS: August 15th, Thursday 7 PM – 9 PM

Join us Thursday, August 15th, from 7 PM – 9 PM, for a panel Q&A, and discussion about addiction and recovery, “It Gets Better: Q&A with an Ex Heroin Addict and Sunrise Detox”.

Hosted by Dennis Bates, Executive Director of Sunrise Detox Millbury, with Ira Levy, Director of Community Relations for Sunrise Detox, with guest speaker Rob Demeo, in long-term recovery.

Attendees will anonymously place questions into the “Question Basket” for our panel to talk about and provide information.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Event Schedule:

7 PM – Doors Open/Refreshments Available
7:30 PM Panel Introductions, Q&A, and recovery topic discussions

Event Location:

St. John’s Church
St. Francis Xavier Center
20 Temple Street
Worcester, MA 01604

For information or questions about this event contact:  Dennis Bates at Sunrise Detox in Millbury (413) 841-0476